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How To Grow Long Eyelashes and Thick Eyebrows

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How To Grow Long Eyelashes and Thick Eyebrows
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Long eyelashes and thick, luscious eyebrows have been a sign of beauty for hundreds of years.  However, modern eyelash extensions, eyebrow glues, eye makeup and chemical serums, designed to make eyelashes and brows appear fuller, might actually be damaging your lashes and brows. Read the blog below to learn an easy and fool proof way to grow your lashes long, and your brows thick and full, without any damage! Also, continue to the end to learn about my personal favorite Organic Two in One Lash and Brow Energizing Growth Serum by Devoted Things!
What Not To Do
Avoid Eyelash Extensions
woman with closed eyes and dark and bright eyeshadow art and strong long thick false eyelashes
Eyelash extensions are everywhere on social media, and have come a long way from the press-on drugstore lashes of the 90’s. Today, many women go to professional lash bars to have individual hairs glued directly onto their lashes/lash lines. However, as incredible as the va-va-voom lashes often look, they are expensive, temporary, and most importantly can cause massive lash fallout over time. An interview with eye doctor Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler explains that a big reason for this is that a lot of lash glues contain formaldehyde. Furthermore, Dr. Wachler notes that eyelash extensions, especially when not applied properly, can cause your lashes to break off, lead to infections and cause allergic skin reactions.
Stop Sleeping in Makeup
young woman black and white photograph cropped face showing her eyes closed and a dark streak of eyeliner on her eyelid
Sleeping in Makeup destroys your lashes and brows. Many of the tints and chemicals in mascara and eyeliner harden over time, and become flaky and drying, sucking out the moisture from your lash and brow hair. This can lead to stunted hair growth, and can cause your lashes to fall out as well. If you wear makeup, a great way to avoid this problem is to use an oil to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Gently massaging your lashes and brows with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil to dissolve the mascara or brow tint, and wiping that off gently with a warm, wet rag, will help to prevent the makeup from pulling at, or damaging your hair follicles.
Stop Using Chemical-Based Lash Serums
laboratory with a hand and blue glove holding a beaker with blue liquid in it
This is a big one! There are a lot of lash serums out in the world today. Some can cost up to $100 for a mascara-sized bottle. The good thing about these serums? The prescription ones like Latisse do cause your lashes to grow. The bad thing? Many of these serums should not be used if you’re pregnant and trying to avoid chemicals. Common side effects also include changes in eye color (darkening and splotchiness), darkening of the eyelids and sudden or gradual lash fallout, with discontinued use. Youtuber Lainey Marie talks about her experience with side effects in her video What Happens After Lash Serum. Avoiding serums with chemicals and starting with a fresh slate is a good beginning step.
Stop Plucking and Waxing your Brows
woman with green eyes looking directly ahead and art on her eyelids of flowers and mini male figures grooming her eyebrows
Over plucking and waxing brows is one of the main things that makes growing brows out difficult. In the beginning, until your brows are as thick as you want them to be, it’s a good idea to hold off on the plucking and waxing. This ensures that you’re not overplucking, and gives your hair follicles a break.
 What You Should Do
Nourish Your Brows and Lashes from The Inside Out
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Just like our skin, our eyelashes and brows respond to what we put into our bodies. Drinking water and eating enough protein (I like protein shakes) is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your body has everything it needs to support long and healthy lashes and brows. An amazing supplement that supports skin and hair health is Evening Primrose Oil, which not only helps with mood and stress, but also with hormone balancing (correlated to hair growth/health). I take one capsule every day.
Find an Effective, Trustworthy Eyelash and Brow Serum
blue vial bottle open with the lid laying next to it and a reducer cap
For me, finding a good eyebrow and lash serum that is natural, without side effects, and easy to use, has been a total game changer. I have been using the Organic Two in One Lash and Brow Energizing Growth Serum, and have noticed a huge difference in the shine and length of my lashes, as well as the thickness of my brows. This incredibly light-weight serum contains Aloe Vera, as well as other natural goodies. Aloe Vera is a humectant known for its ability to hold onto moisture (perfect for keeping lashes nourished) while also containing supportive vitamins (A, C, E and B12). I apply the serum twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Although one of my brows is still a little bit patchy, within a month I noticed significant improvement, and I’m excited to see my results when another 30 days have passed. Having a serum I can turn to, that’s easy to apply, reliable and chemical free is a huge plus!
Use A Nightly Castor Oil Mask (For Your Eyebrows Only)
clear corked glass bottles of oil with green plant leaves inside them
Using a nightly leave on mask of Jamaican Black Castor Oil for your eyebrows is a great tool. However, I do not recommend using undiluted castor oil on your eyelashes. Castor oil is an extremely thick oil, and if you place it on your lashes, it easily gets into your eyes. Although this isn’t dangerous, it can be very irritating and uncomfortable. For this reason, I stick to my lightweight Devoted Things serum for my lashes. After you apply the serum to your brows at night, you can use a fingertip to swipe a tiny bit of Castor Oil over your brows. This will seal in the serum, and give your brows a bit of extra moisture and support as well!
I've been using this eyebrow and eyelash serum for just over a month now. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in my lashes. They're much softer and longer than they've been in a long time. While it's true that some of the chemical based serums might work a little bit faster, this product has caused 0 side effects for me, feels nourishing and healthy on my lashes, doesn't irritate my eyes, and hasn't damaged my eye color. I'm sticking with it! I realized quickly that less is more with this product. More than one drop on each lash-line is too much. One drop per eye-lash-line, and two drops per eyebrow, has been more than enough for me.
When it comes to my eyebrows, they look noticeably fuller, which is amazing. While I still want my brows to be even thicker, I'm sure that in a few more weeks, I'll have the complete results I want. I'm pretty impressed with these results though, considering that three weeks is a pretty short trial period! An unexpected bonus is that the serum has made my eyebrow hairs much longer, which makes them appear much nicer overall. I shaped my eyebrows for the first time in a month yesterday, and because my hairs were longer, I had a lot more to work with. They look awesome. The biggest change I've noticed is in my right eyebrow. In high school I overplucked the front of it one too many times (we've literally all been there), and there has been a little patch of hair missing ever since. It wasn't anything too dramatic, but I definitely didn't like it. Anyway, I applied this serum morning and night for three weeks, and the patch has almost entirely filled in. I'm going to keep using this for a few more months, and I'm pretty sure the final results are going to me mind blowing. One final comment, is that I really appreciate that my individual eyebrow hairs and eyelashes don't fall out at all anymore. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe, cost effective, easy to use lash and brow serum that actually works!
Peace and Love,

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