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5 Easy Steps to Cure Eye Bags

Posted by Jasmine M. on

5 Easy Steps to Naturally Cure Eye Bags and Transform Your Face!

If you’ve ever dealt with eye bags, like me, you’ve probably looked everywhere to find a treatment that works. You might even have researched expensive eye bag surgeries and considered using chemical laden eye bag creams—but there’s another way. Follow this easy routine, using natural, inexpensive ingredients like cucumbers and ice, to treat underlying eye bag causes, rejuvenate your skin, brighten your eyes, and transform your entire look!

Step 1. Gather Your Ingredients

Place 2 fresh cucumber slices on a plate. Cucumbers are cooling and hydrating for the skin, and well known in the spa/wellness community for helping to reduce eye bags and puffiness. You will also need to place a clean washcloth in a bowl of cold water, and set the bowl aside. I like to fill my bowl with ice cubes to make the rag extra cold! Just make sure you save some ice in the freezer as well, as it will be useful later in the routine. Finally, I highly recommend using a good quality eye bag serum to invest in the the long term health and appearance of the skin around your eyes. Today, I'll be focusing on the Natural Eye Bag Serum by Devoted Things. This is a great option for eye bags, as it contains a unique and potent combination of powerful plants like Lovage and Aloe to deeply nourish and support the skin. 

Step 2. Apply the Cucumbers

Place the cucumber slices over your eyes, and lay down on a sofa or bed. Leave the slices to rest for 5-10 minutes. Remove the cucumbers from your eyes, and use your fingertips to gently pat the residual cucumber juice into the skin around your eyes. 

Step 3. Use Your Ice-Cold Washcloth

Remove the washcloth from the bowl of ice water. Wring out all of the excess water until you're left with an ice cold, damp cloth. Immediately wrap two fresh ice cubes in the cold washcloth, and hold the cloth over your eyes for at least 5 minutes. The cold will maximize the impact of the cucumbers, significantly helping with eye bags and puffiness. Exposure to the cold will also cause the capillaries in your eyes to shrink naturally, which greatly reduces eye redness as a bonus effect! 

Step 4. Apply Your Serum

To lock in moisture, and begin working on long term improvement of your eye bags, apply a few small drops of the Natural Eye Bag Serum to your under eyes. If you have crow's feet, this serum can also be used on your crow's feet as well. I recommend using this serum whenever you choose to follow this eye bag routine, but it can also be easily incorporated into your daily morning and evening skin care routines.

Step 5. Extra Tips 

To minimize the creation of eye bags, you can also try the following simple changes: 

  • Try to get 6-7 hours of sleep at night when you can. Lack of sleep is one of the main things that can cause eyes to appear baggy.
  • Computers and cell phones emit a strong light that heavily strains the eyes. When possible, try to minimize exposure to these devices.
  • Drink enough water. Just as we have hydrated our skin from the outside in this routine, it's important to hydrate your body from the inside out. Drinking sufficient water will improve the appearance of your skin overall, and can make all the difference when it comes to treating eye bags, and transforming the overall appearance and youthfulness of your skin!


Peace and Love,


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