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How To Transform Your Shower-Time into Spa-Time

Posted by Jasmine M. on

How To Transform Your Shower-Time into Spa-Time
Going to a spa is a luxury that can seem totally unattainable for many. However, this Fall, you can have spa day at home everyday, and bring all of the relaxation to you. Put on some spa music, and with a few simple adjustments you can transform your shower routine into something deeply relaxing. Follow this easy spa treatment plan, and start your morning right!
Step 1. Start With a Clean Slate
Nothing feels more relaxing than stepping into a spotless bathroom. Throw out any expired or empty products you may have collected. If you own lots of bathroom items, consider storing extra products, under your sink, or in tubs with lids. Use a natural bathroom cleaner to wipe all of your bathroom surfaces.
Step 2. Ambiance is Everything
A lot of the spa experience is about ambiance. To elevate your bathroom, consider adding a small plant to your bathroom counter for a pop of life and color. You can also try using a natural scented candle to transform your space even more—just be careful of the flame!
Step 3. Exfoliate the Stress Away
For me, exfoliating is the extra step that really makes my shower experience amazing. On my face, I use the Facial Detox Cleanser, which is naturally resistant to spoilage, and can be stored, tightly closed, in the shower. The Detox Cleanser contains activated charcoal, which lightly and effectively buffs dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. If you want to take it a step further, in the blog, Inexpensive, Natural Beauty Tip and Tricks, I teach you how to create a natural coffee body scrub that smells divine. Exfoliation increases blood-circulation and is a great way to wake your skin up in the morning
Step 4. Pamper Yourself
The final step in transforming your shower experience is to do something to treat yourself. You could give yourself a scalp massage under the hot water, or deep condition your hair.  I like to finish up in the shower with the  Vegan Hair Protein Treatment, which I apply while my hair is still damp. The liquid protein helps to seal split-ends and has genuinely caused me to retain more length than I’ve had in years. You use a sheet mask, like the gorgeous model in the picture above, or could make a diy face mask, or just give yourself a precious 10 minutes more in the water. Water, and the time to enjoy it, is a precious gift. With just a shift in perspective you can transform a basic routine of showering into a moment to relax and reconnect.

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