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Tutorial for the Dark Lips Lightener gloss

Posted by Jasmine M. on

Dark Lips Lightener Tutorial






Tired of using lipstick that stains, is too greasy, or too drying, to enhance the pink in your lips? Check out the tutorial below to learn all about the Devoted Things Dark Lips Lightener. The Dark Lips Lightener is a safe and easy way to naturally lighten and nourish your pout. The product has a naturally pink tint, thanks to plants like Hibiscus, and it feels as delicious as it tastes. A little goes a long way, so one bottle can last for months! Remember to carefully ready the pamphlet provided in the mail with your product, and enjoy this natural route to brighter, pinker lips!



Step 1: Shake It Up
Shake the bottle, to make sure that the natural oil and water-soluble ingredients in the gloss, all mix together. Don’t be alarmed if you notice separation in your gloss bottle—this is completely normal!
Step 2: Prep Lips
Remove any lipstick, chapstick or lip gloss, and start with bare lips. This will ensure that the lightening gloss absorbs into your lips fully, and has the desired effects.
Step 3: Apply
Unscrew the cap. Fully apply the applicator tip to your top lip. Re-dip the applicator, and apply it to your bottom lip.
Step 4: Upkeep
You can keep this gloss in a purse, or in your pocket, and re-apply it up to 5 times a day. Remember, successfully lightening areas of the skin takes dedication, patience, and time. For the best results, use this gloss before you go to bed, so that it can keep working away while you sleep! 

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