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Thank you for your interest in me! My name is Leah.

My motto:
"In this life, while you're here, being comfortable in your own skin is half the battle."


Since I was a teen, I loved genuine "Before & After" photos. I found myself wishing there were more of the real ones for beauty products that I was interested in trying... little did I know that I'd make beauty products... and I'd be the seller... who provides authentic "Before & After" pics for virtually all their beauty products for sale!

I've been in your shoes:

As I aged, I felt like my beauty was being robbed from me, and I thought, "Oh no! It's all downhill from here!" My hair used to be falling out so badly... that you could see through my hair to the backside of my head while standing in front of me (I wish I had those "Before" pics)! There used to be a time when I wore wigs (which made me over-heat and dread windy, sunny, and wet days), hair extensions (which broke my real hairs), false eyelashes (which ripped out my real eyelashes), loads of make-up (which caused acne), acrylic nails (which painfully destroyed my natural nails), and after all that got put on... I felt choked. I couldn't wait to get home and take it all off, but when I did, I saw the awful truth- each fake addition was damaging my real body. Back then, any day that I didn't complain about my body- was a "good day".

I was a beauty product "junkie":

My goal was to feel like a "natural beauty"- at least in my own sight, so I bought beauty creams. The chemical-filled creams I bought, whether expensive or cheap, always failed. Now I know why! Did you know that only 7 companies have an ownership and manufacturing monopoly on over 182 beauty brands that we use and recognize? Also, creams are so loaded with chemicals that the tiny percentage of "extracts" in these creams- rarely get to do anything. I was a product hoarder! A bathroom overflowing with gorgeous bottles... and yet I wasn't devoted to a single one. Many nights, I cried myself to sleep. I thought my value was limited to my appearance (I was wrong, of course)!

Eventually, I learned that plants were my helper:

"Going natural" was the radical change I needed, and I had a "project" going on every body part (haha, or that's how it felt)! 12 years later... I'd worked with chemists, studied the properties of hundreds of plants, experimented on myself to learn the real secrets of what works and what doesn't, and over years... what developed was the most potent, Organic ingredients, holistic beauty product line on the market!

Plants are my passion:

Is it worth getting my bottled "pearls of wisdom" into your life?

Consider this thought... the only guaranteed possession that we get to keep for our entire lifespan- is our body.

Let's make peace with our body. That diligent work comes with a reward... on the inside.

Now, I am thankful for the afflictions that I experienced:

*The word "he" applies to humanity- both men and women- in the Bible.

*A capitalized "He" is God- in the Bible.

I give credit to the God of the Holy Bible... for answering my prayers. Yes, God cares about despised, desperate, and lowly people (proof here: Matthew 8:2-3, Luke 4:27). I give credit to God for giving me the wisdom necessary during endeavors.

I did not start off knowing this God. Now, I'm a witness... that anyone who asks for understanding about God- with a eager prayer- receives it.

"God, if You're real, if You really exist, please reveal Yourself to me."

My suffering, my getting "broken" wasn't in vain.

In the end, I walked away from all that... with a bigger heart.

A new level of empathy!

You & me:
You don't need to learn what I know, or experiment the hard way anymore, or even waste time wondering, "Uh...what do I try out next?"

I wish someone had just made these products for me- the easy way. I would have bought all of them! As it turned out, I became that person.

I develop long-lasting friendships with customers. I'm humbled by the fascinating people that have been lead to my products.

I think that all of us have experienced a time... when we felt particularly "cursed" regarding the attractiveness of our body, especially if we didn't know other people with our problem. But as my customer, you are no longer alone. I rejoice with your victories!

You & others:

You can help other people who have the issue you've battled, too! Many customers submit "Before & After" pictures, with their little story! They got something good, and they pass it on...


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