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Tutorial For The Daily Hair Protein

Posted by Jasmine M. on

Tutorial For The Daily Hair Protein

The Daily Hair Protein is a revolutionary hair treatment that supports you in growing the long hair of your dreams. The treatment uses a potent, rare blend of natural ingredients, like Maca root extract, to seal and repair split, frizzy and damaged ends. This product should only be used on wet hair, and can be applied before or after combing. It is not necessary to apply this product to the entirety of your hair, as it is designed to heal the ends.  Remember to carefully read the information sheet provided in the mail with your product, and follow the directions below, for the best results! This is not suitable for the eyebrows or eyelashes. For eyes, look to the Organic Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum.

Important Note: Because of the natural ingredients in this product, it does have a pungent, earthy smell, that may be offputting to some customers. The smell is reminiscent of mild vinegar, moist soil, and apples. It has been my experience, that after applying the product to my hair, and rinsing my hands with water, the smell very quickly disspates, and does not linger on my hair for more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 1. Prepare Your Hair

Wet your hair thoroughly. This product is easy to distribute on hair that has already been conditioned, combed and rinsed. However, this product is so effective that after a few treatments, you may not need to use conditioner as frequently. Do not apply this product over any other hair products. If you add this product to uncombed, wet hair, it does act as a detangler, making the combing process easier.

Step 2. Shake The Bottle
Shake the bottle thoroughly until there are no clumps in the liquid. For Jaw length hair, or hair that is longer, pour a nickel sized amount of the detangler into your palm. For hair shorter than jaw length, pour a dime sized amount into your palm.
Step 3. Sandwich Long Hair
For long hair, quickly rub your palms together and immediately sandwich a hand length section of your hair ends between your palms. Continue to use a nickel sized amount of the liquid and sandwich your hair ends in sections until you have coated all of your hair ends with the liquid protein. Do not use more than 4 nickel sized applications per day, or you may run out of the product before you achieve your ideal results.
Step 4. Apply Directly to Shorter Hair
For shorter hair, apply a dime sized amount, 4 times, on the following areas.
  • 1st Apply the protein to your entire front hairline (from one ear, along the line where your forehead and hair meet, across to the other ear)
  • 2nd Apply the protein to your crown (the top circle of your head, where men often experience balding)
  • 3rd Apply the protein to the back of your head
  • 4th Apply the protein to the sides of your head
Do not exceed 4 dime sized applications a day.
Step 5. Distribute Any Extra Residue
If you have any extra residue left over, smooth your palms across longer hair, and massage the product into shorter hair. Comb and style as usual. Follow steps 1-5 every day. Expect your split ends to show marked improvements in as little as a few days, with full results becoming evident in 30 days and dramatic improvements in hair breakage/retention in 30-60 days.

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