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Tutorial for the Natural Skin Bleach

Posted by Leah Scott on

Natural Skin Bleach Tutorial

Author: Jasmine M. ("Pending" blogger, till June/July 2020!)

Pictures: 2 images were provided by a female customer (product application images, using a DevotedThings bottle)

About This Product     

The Natural Skin Bleach is a safe and natural skin lightening product, made with a combination of plant extracts and gentle, natural acids. The liquid skin bleach is perfect for lightening hyperpigmentation, dark spots caused by acne, and hereditary dark zones. Follow the tutorial below, to learn how to properly apply this product. This is a leave on treatment, do not wash it off. Please refer to the directions sheet provided in your package, for more important details, and remember to wear SPF during the day for maximum benefits and skin safety!

natural skin bleach by devotedthings clear cylindrical bottle with white cap and orange liquid

Step 1. Cleanse Your Skin

 hand under a faucet with water running onto the hand and a soapy sudsy look to the water  
Before application, thoroughly cleanse your skin with a natural cleanser. If you are suffering from acne, or want to clear your pores and improve your skin tone, you can try the Facial Glow Daily Cleanser , or the Charcoal Detox Cleanser, by Devoted Things.

Step 2. Prepare For Application

dark skinned woman with long aqua colored nails is holding the bottle of natural skin bleach showing a shaking motion

Check the chart below to make sure that your application zone is listed in the “For These Zones” section. One you have confirmed your application zone, shake the bottle thoroughly.

chart with green text on one side and red text on the other side outlining the areas that the product should be applied to or not

Step 2. Accessing the Bleach

 an open palm cupping a clear liquid and the natural skin bleach bottle being tipped by the other hand

Remove the cap. Pour a dime sized amount of the liquid solution into your palm.

Step 3. Application

african american woman cropped face picture showing her nose and mouth with both hands cupping the sides of her face 
Rub your palms together, and gently press your wet palms onto the treatment zone, until evenly distributed.  It is normal to notice tingling, or sensitivity at first. Massage the treatment zone until your palms are dry. You can use this product after applying a toner, or instead of using a toner.

Step 4. Moisturize

two neatly trimmed manicured hands pressing on a lotion bottle pump and white lotion squirting out in an arc shape

Allow the Natural Skin Bleach to fully dry on your skin. Once it is dry, you can use moisturizer, apply other skincare products, or apply makeup.  If you are not noticing any skin sensitivity, then after one week of applying the bleach 1x per day, you may begin using the bleach 2x per day.


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