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Why This Herbal Toner for Oily Skin Is My New Favorite Skincare Product

Posted by Jasmine M. on

Why This Herbal Toner for Oily Skin Is My New Favorite Skincare Product

Author: Jasmine M. ("Pending" blogger, till June/July 2020!)

From Cucumber Toner, to Micellar Water Toner—there are so many facial toners on the market these days, that choosing a good one can feel overwhelming. Today, I’ll be answering some important questions about facial toners. I will also be sharing details about my new favorite toner, the Devoted Things Herbal Toner For Oily Skin.  Let’s get started!

herbal toner for oily skin by devotedthings a clear plastic cylindrical bottle

What is a Facial Toner?

A facial toner is a liquid, that is applied to the face, after cleansing. Toners are important, for three main reasons. First, toners help to deep-clean the skin. Second, toners balance the skin’s PH level. Third, toners nourish and hydrate the skin, keeping it from becoming either too oily, or too dry. Youtuber, and beauty guru, James Welsh, created this informative video, to teach viewers all about facial toners, and why they’re important. To learn more, you can check the video out here!

Unbalanced PH = Skincare Problems

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Balancing the skin is a careful science. A lot of skincare issues, like acne, start when the acidic protective layer of the skin, called the acid mantle, is chemically out of balance. The PH level of normal, healthy skin is about a “5” on the PH scale. This means that skin is naturally acidic. Find out more about the PH of skin here.  If your skin is out of balance, it might be prone to issues like acne or chronic dryness. Thus, choosing a natural toner to support the skin’s acid mantle, and restore the proper PH balance, is often an important step in building a solid skincare routine.

Do I Need A Toner?

If you are prone to oily skin, acne, blackheads or clogged pores, using a toner to bring your skin’s PH into balance is important. Additionally, you should also consider whether your cleanser is cleaning your skin deeply enough by itself. Good toners use gentle acids to make sure that minuscule bacteria and pore-clogging particles, (particles that might be left behind by a cleanser), are fully removed. If you have extremely dry skin, a toner is still a good idea. Toners designed for dry skin, like the Natural Toner For Dry Skin, will help to improve your skin’s hydration.

Why This Toner Is Different

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Many toners that claim to be natural, contain unnecessary chemicals. This popular Cucumber Toner, for example, lists 3 different chemical dyes, here, in its ingredient’s list. Another popular toner, marketed as an herbal toner, reveals something different. When we look further into the ingredients of that product, found here,  we can see that it contains an alcohol preservative called phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol has been linked to skin irritation. The Devoted Things Herbal Toner for Oily Skin does not contain any harsh chemicals, dyes, preservatives or alcohols. It is truly an herbal toner, meaning it gets its power from herbs.  A combination of organic leaves, and gentle acids, work with the skin, instead of against it.

The Power of Good Ingredients

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Colloidal Silver 40ppm
- Colloidal silver is a bunch of tiny silver particles, which have some incredible effects on the skin. While ingesting colloidal silver is not a good idea, colloidal silver has an incredible ability to help skin tissue heal, when applied topically. The silver possesses strong antimicrobial properties as well. Read more about colloidal silver in this incredible article, which includes research from Syracuse University about the benefits of silver in skin healing.
The Toner For Oily Skin is a powerful toner, jam packed with nutrient dense ingredients. Because of its ingredients, the toner evens skin tone, supports the skin’s acid mantle, balances oil production, and deeply cleans the skin. Here is some information about 4 of my favorite ingredients in the Herbal Toner!

Arctium Lappa (Burdock Root)- This root is rich in antioxidants, and healthy fats. The antioxidants in burdock help to support the skin against aging, while its healthy natural oils and nutrients hydrate and soothe the skin. To find out more of the incredible health benefits of using burdock, click here.

Lactic Acid- Lactic Acid is the acid that naturally occurs in milk. This acid is incredibly gentle, but effective, and helps to break down dead skin, improve cell turnover, and unclog pores. At the same time, the acidity of milk is very close to that of the skin, meaning that lactic acid is perfect for balancing the skin’s acid mantle. To dive in to the benefits of using Lactic Acid in your skincare, read more here!

Azadirachta Indica (Neem Leaves)- Neem is an incredible tree native to India, whose leaves contain a whole long list of skincare benefits. Neem is both antibacterial and antifungal, so it is a huge help in fighting acne. The natural, healthy oils in Neem help to nourish the skin, while balancing out its oil production. Finally, the powerful antioxidants and nutrients in Neem improve the skin’s texture and help to prevent signs of aging. To find out all about neem’s health benefits, you can read more here.

My Experience

I have naturally oily skin, which has led to a lot of acne over the years. I have tried all kinds of toners, both natural and chemical-based. I’ve used apple cider vinegar and witch hazel. I’ve used expensive brands and drug-store brands. All of them irritated my skin, and a lot of them made it extremely dry. Since using the Herbal Toner For Oily Skin, I have noticed that my skin is significantly less oily. Surprisingly, my skin still feels supple, and isn’t dry at all. This means that I’m not getting random, annoying itchy spots like I used to.  Healing the skin is a process, but with every new product I review, I feel like I’m taking a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see how this toner works for you guys!

Peace and Love,

Jasmine M.


I've been using the Herbal Toner for close to 3 months now, and I have realized some pretty great things about it.

1. It's gentle enough for me to layer it under more intense treatments, like the Indented Scar Peel. 

2. It has consistently reduced the oiliness in my skin. Even if I miss a day or two, my skin is still far less oily than it was before I began using this toner.

3. It is so nourishing that, when I need a break from moisturizer, I just use this. I know this product isn't intended to be a moisturizer, but it's been my experience that sometimes, I can skip the moisturizer and just use this (if I've run out). My skin is never dry or tight, and it feels amazing. I highly recommend this toner!


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