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Tutorial for the Natural SPF 50 Beauty Oil

Posted by Jasmine M. on

Natural SPF 50 Beauty Oil Tutorial

Author: Jasmine M. 

About This Product

The Devoted Things Natural SPF 50 Beauty Oil is a light-weight sunscreen, that uses a combination of natural oils, zinc (a naturally occurring mineral), and plant extracts. This SPF oil works to deeply moisturize the skin, and protect you from the sun, without clogging your pores. For optimal skin health and longevity, you can use this sunscreen every morning, as the final step of your skincare routine. Remember, if you are currently using any skin treatments, like the  Indented Scar Peel, using sunscreen every day is not optional, but mandatory. Please carefully read the directions provided in the mail with your product for the best results.

SPF oil bottle blue dropper

Step 1. Prepare Your Skin

brunette woman washing her face

Wash your face thoroughly with a natural cleanser, like the Facial Glow Scrub and Mask. Afterwards, tone your skin.  Apply any other necessary treatments and let the treatments dry.

Step 2. Shake It Up!

spf bottle on wood table

Once your toner and/or treatments are dry, shake the oil bottle vigorously for about one minute, to ensure that all the natural ingredients inside are fully mixed. It is normal for this sunscreen oil to separate into white sediment, and clear/yellow tinted oil, in the bottle.

Step 3. Access the Cleanser

spf oil with opaque white drop coming out of dropper

Remove the cap, and squirt any of the liquid already in the dropper vial, back into the bottle. Plunge the empty dropper vial fully into the bottle of sunscreen oil and get a fresh squeeze of the oil.

Step 4. Squeeze Out the Sunscreen

hand with squeeze top and open palm 

Squeeze about 5 drops of the oil into your palm. It is completely normal for the oil to look opaque or cloudy white, with a slight yellow tint. With the other hand’s fingertips, mix the oil around in your open palm, and rub your palms together to get an even coating on the underside of both hands.

Step 5. Application

open palm with spf oil liquid 

Next, pat the oil onto your face and neck with both hands. If you need to reapply your sunscreen later in the day, you can rinse your face with warm water, and re-apply this oil again.

Guess What? This moisturizing SPF is so nourishing to the skin, that in a pinch, it can be used as an overnight moisturizer too! Ran out of your night cream? No problem. Use this before bed and wake up with a sunny glow.


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