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Tutorial for the Overnight Pimple Remedy

Posted by Leah Scott on

Overnight Pimple Remedy Tutorial

 Author: Jasmine M. ("Pending" blogger, till June/July 2020!)

The Overnight Pimple Remedy

The Overnight Pimple Remedy is an easy to use, natural, liquid treatment for pimples. This product is potent and must be used with Q-Tips. Because of the orange tint, it is best used at night only. For optimal results, follow the needle poking technique along with this product. If you are under the age of 18, do not do the needle poking technique without adult supervision. You will need a thin sewing needle, or a safety pin, and alcohol to sanitize the tip. Do not use this product, and wear make up at the same time, as the makeup will interfere with the effectiveness of the product. Remember to carefully read, and follow, the directions sheet, included in the mail with your remedy.

small glass bottle with brown color and white label and black cap

Step 1. Cleansing & Toning

 woman smiling with hair pulled back and a sponge in her hand with a white cream mask on her face

Before you go to bed, thoroughly cleanse your skin. If you are using a toner, like the Devoted Things Toner for Oily Skin, tone your skin, and wait for the toner to dry, before applying this product.

Step 2. Needle Poking

a silver needle on a light green flat background

Take your needle or safety pin, and thoroughly dip the tip of it in alcohol. Gently, and carefully, poke open the blocked pimple’s pore, but do not squeeze the pimple, or touch the pore/spot. If you do accidentally touch the skin, disinfect the skin surrounding the pimple with alcohol on a Q-tip, and then disinfect the pimple with the Q-tip afterwards.


Step 3. Shake Bottle

Make sure to thoroughly shake the bottle for approximately 1 minute, so that the orange sediment at the bottom mixes in fully. Remove the black cap, and leave on the clear reducer cap.


Step 4. Q-Tip Application

white q tip with an orange liquid on the tip

Press the tip of a Q-tip, to the clear reducer hole. Tip the bottle upside down, allowing 2-3 drops of the orange liquid onto the very tip of the Q-tip. A little goes a long way with this product. 2-3 drops is enough to cover 5-7 pimples. Do not soak the Q Tip. Q-Tips are mandatory. Do not use your fingers to apply this product. It is potent and could burn your skin if over applied.


Step 5. Face Pattern

a woman smiling and two arrows drawn on her face one pointing upward to the forehead and a second arrow pointing downward to the chin 
Press the orange tip of the Q tip onto the head of your pimple for one second, and no longer. If you have multiple pimples, start at one side of your face, work up towards your forehead, and down the other side of your face. This will stop you from applying the product on the same spot twice. It is normal for the spots to look yellow/orange later. Orange is the natural color of this product. The product may feel warm and tingly, but it should not burn* or cause intense pain.

Step 6. Lotion

two hands one is holding a lotion squeeze bottle and the other hand has a palm open ready to receive it

After 5 minutes, apply lotion like normal. This product will make the treated areas of your face yellow in the morning, which is normal. When you wake up, wash your face with soap, to lift the orange color, and these stains will go away.


*If you notice intense pain, or if you think that you may be experiencing a burn from the natural, potent ingredients in this product, follow the “Deactivate In An Emergency” steps included on the leaflet with your product.








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