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Tutorial for the Hair Growth Oil (Grow Long Hair Fast Oil)

Posted by Jasmine M. on

About This Product

The Devoted Things Hair Growth Oil is an easy to use, potent hair growth treatment, made with high quality, rare oils. To get the best results from this product, carefully read the directions provided with your oil in the mail. You will need a comb for parting your hair evenly, and Q-Tips are recommended for application. Having hair ties or scrunchies, and a silk scarf, on hand is optional, but useful. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this incredible product and supercharge your hair growth! 

1. Apply to The Front Hairline 

Shake the bottle well. Take a Q-Tip, and dip one side into the oil, until the Q-Tip is saturated. Run the Q-Tip along your hairline, from the middle of your hairline to your right ear. Rub the Q-Tip from the middle of your hairline, to your left ear. Massage the oil into your hairline until it’s fully absorbed
2. Apply To The Center Part
Using your comb, part your hair neatly and evenly down the middle, from the front of your forehead to the top of your neck.  Re-dip the same Q-Tip in the oil vial, and, beginning at the back of your head, run the Q-Tip towards your forehead. If your hair Is extremely thick, you can use scrunchies to hold the two halves of your hair apart, so that you can see your scalp. If your hair is too thick or curly for parting, use the Q-Tip to simply poke through your hair onto your scalp, in this general area. Rub the oil into the center line, and the surrounding skin, using your finger-tips.
3. Apply To Right Side Part
Using your comb, part your hair down the right side (half-way between your center line, and your right ear). Make the part from your hairline, down to the top of your neck. Re-dip the Q-Tip and drag it along the side part, starting at the back, from the top of your neck, and towards the front, to your hairline. Rub the oil into your scalp with your finger tips.
4. Left Side Part and Inversion Massage
Repeat Step 3, on the left side of your scalp. Afterwards, distribute any extra residue on the Q-Tip throughout your scalp. Following the Inversion Method, massage your scalp for 5 minutes, while dangling your head over the bed. Click on the link to view a Youtube Video demonstrating the power of the inversion method for hair growth. Remember, this Youtuber is using different oils, and so the quantities of oil she uses are also different. Make sure to stick to the steps in this tutorial, for the best results with the Devoted Things Hair Growth Oil.
5. Final Comb
Use your comb to distribute the oil across your scalp as a final step. Preferably wrap your hair in a silk scarf or a bonnet while you sleep. Try to wait at least overnight until washing out the oil, to achieve the best results!

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