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Models wanted!

Posted by Leah Scott on


Unlike other sellers, I refuse to put beauty products on the market without photographic evidence that they work!

Volunteer models are great for this! Be a valuable model for a future product- free! Before ever launching a new product- I always recruit models for "Before & After" pics, and to fully test any new product ideas.

Sign up for my e-mail NEWSLETTER- to get alerts when I'm recruiting FREE TESTER PRODUCT models!

1. Go to the HOME page of my website.

2. Scroll down to the bottom, and look at the lower- right corner. You'll see a green "SIGN-UP" button!

3. Type in your e-mail, and click the green SIGN-UP button!

*Existing products for sale in my store- are not eligible as free tester trials anymore, sorry.


1. Your first tester bottle is sent 100% free to you in the mail! You'll have a 30 day supply in that bottle, and you'll be taking pics of your progress while using it up!

2. I'll also reward you with 1 more free full-size bottle of that product around it's launch date, as my special "Thank you" to you!

3. Models get a 50% off coupon code for the product that they modeled! It's a coupon code that's unlimited use, and never expires! This is a special advantage that all my "Before & After" pic models receive- whether they model free testers, or buy & model products in my store. Models are very special to me, and I'm so thankful for them!

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