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Organic Eyelash Growth Serum and Eyebrow Growth Serum Energizing 2 in 1 Product

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Organic Eyelash Growth Serum

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This is a 100% Organic product, containing the very BEST hair follicle rejuvenating natural ingredients from my many personal experiments! With this concentrated chemical-free serum, the daunting challenge of trying to grow hairs in these regions is not only EASY now, but it's impressively FAST, and specifically formulated to be SAFE for the sensitive needs of the eye area! You've found the very best ORGANIC Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum available on the market!

Men, women, pregnant women, seniors, teens, children/kids, and babies with any of these eyelash or eyebrow problems...
Age-related eyelash hair loss, thin and fine eyelash hairs, short stunted eyelash hairs, eyelashes easily fall out/eyelash curler plucks eyelashes from roots, often get debris in the eye because of lack of protection from thicker eyelashes, have difficulty growing eyelashes, have allergic reactions to eyelash growing products, eyelashes that became inflamed, ingrown, or fell out from reaction to make-ups.
Age-related eyebrow hair loss, thin and fine eyebrow hairs, short stunted eyebrow hairs, eyebrows easily fall out when touched, sweat drips facial lotion debris into eyes because of lack of protection from thicker eyebrows, accidental over-plucking, have allergic reaction to eyebrow growing products.

This grows thin eyelashes and eyebrows longer and denser- fast! By optimizing the skin with these unique natural ingredients, you'll grow the most thick, shiny, rich natural color, super-healthy hairs that you can possibly grow- anywhere you apply it!

Sometimes we temporarily lose the density of our lashline because of damaging eye and skin products, with no nutrients being fed to the eyelashes, either. My product balances the scales for your hairs, no matter what chemical-containing products you use. It's so powerful- that you won't have to change/eliminate any chemical or alcohol-containing products like: make-up setting sprays, waterproof mascara, make-up removers, face soaps, facial toners, facial moisturizers, sunscreen moisturizers, dark circle eye treatments- or anything potentially damaging your chance of growing hairs! Just add this product to your routine, and that's it! But I must say: please stop applying false eyelashes. The glue/adhesive will always rip your natural eyelashes out. The only way to prevent that massive eyelash loss is to stop using it. Give your hairs and pores a break from glue. Since using this my product, I've never returned to false eyelashes again!

Eyelash and brow growth will be seen within one bottle! I saw results on myself within the first week! The 1st few days, I saw a thickening of existing hairs, a more filled-in appearance. In the 1st week, I noticed a lengthening of my eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye (where the longest lashes are). During the rest of the month, there was first thickening of existing hairs, then lengthening of existing hairs, then sprouting of new baby hairs in bald zones, and then overall robust growth! After this treatment, there are now about 4-5 rows of lashes on the lashline now. But before this product, I used to have only one pitiful little row! The eyelashes will grow until they reach "terminal length" and fill all follicles, which is it's maximum genetically-determined length/fullness that your body can achieve (when healthy and optimized)! The same goes for eyebrows!


1. NO WAITING GAME. My product's results are faster than the others- most tell you to wait 3-6 months to see hair growth! Why? Because the chemicals in their products can hinder hair growth! My product is chemical-free, all-natural, and it's specially chosen ingredients are Certified Organic- for the fastest results around!

2. NO DISCOLORATION. This will not change the color of your the eyes (whites, iris, skin, or haircolor).

3. NO CHEMICALS. Too many hair growth promoting products include chemicals, which slow down your potential for growth, and forget fast growth! Your hair follicles don't like chemicals, which cannot be put to use by the body immediately- because chemicals aren't made of organic matter, like our bodies, animals, and plants are. Chemicals are man-made, which slow progress in hair growth potential, can cause skin allergies, and damage hair shaft layers. Chemical-based eyelash/eyebrow growth products will create chemically-induced, and chemically-dependent hairs. What happens if you stop using their product? You'll get immediate and massive shedding of any hairs you had gained- because those were drug-dependent hairs! Is that a gamble you're willing to make, all while being a customer for life? Also, chemically-based hair growth products can create such bad skin irritation that use of the product must stop. It's too bad manufacturers add cheap "fillers", effectively making their product inferior to what it could be, and the vast majority of products have been corrupted and diluted with "fillers". Some fillers are even mildly toxic (because they're cheaper for the manufacturer to buy). How about texturizers, perfumes, emulsifiers, chemical perservatives, or colorants? Do those grow your hair? Nope. Get the best natural stuff. That's all the more reason to consider my chemical-free, max-potency products- instead!

4. NO EXTRA SHEDDING. Other products warn extra shedding will occur when beginning their product (really from your follicles protesting the chemicals in their product)! No extra shedding occurs with this gentle eyelash and brow growth serum- one product that hair follicles will love!

5. SELLER USES IT. I believe in what I'm selling. And you don't need to believe because you can see my pictures! I display how my products have blossomed my hair growth, personally. I have a bunch of "Before and After" pictures- for many of my products! These are 100% authentic hair photos of me, the seller! Unlike other companies, I use my own products as your fellow "consumer". Do other products photograph results this much? I love to take care of my family with my all-natural creations for health and beauty, and I make sure they're effective! Remember, I made these products for me first, and that makes me an enthusiast about exactly what's inside it, the ideal potency/concentration, and just how it's made from start-to-finish for premium quality!

6. ALL-IN-1 HOLISTIC. My ingredients are in ideal, safe, effective proportions, and all work together synergistically! Each ingredient has several benefits, not only for the skin, but for the hair follicles, and hair strands themselves! Other eyelash and brow growth products may not help you holistically like mine does!

7. NO SMELL. No perfumes, and no stinky smell. This product is odorless! Ideal for all our delicate eyes! Great for people with seasonal allergies, sensitivity to perfumes, and easily irritated eyes or pores!

8. NO OIL. This is 100% oil-free, which my eyes appreciate! Oil can irritate the hair follicles and also the eyeball- by trapping dirt and bacteria. Oil acts like a germ magnet throughout the day (that's why oil-containing treatments can only be used at night when you're in your sanitized bed, pillow, and sleep mask environment). My product is specifically oil-free so no eye infections, sanitation problems, or zits in the surrounding area happen. My product is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). My eyelash and brow serum is meant to be used 2 times a day for super-fast hair growth, not only at night like other oily eyelash and brow growth products. It won't leave any residue/oils that will compete with make-up application, either.

9. NON-IRRITATING. So gentle that if you get it on your eyeball, you won't even notice! This product will not irritate your eyes, and is an ideal 2 times a day, long-term use product. Other products on the market must be discontinued due to manufacturers warnings about long-term use, or irritating active or non-active ingredients. All the other products I tried gave me acne, follicle infections, blurry vision, stinging eyes, bloodshot looking eyes, or would flake into my eye. My product feels and acts like water. It's wet for a second, and then it's gone without a trace! It establishes and maintains skin health in the eye area! Healthy skin is what makes hair follicles perform fast, perform reliably, and hair growth performance is finally at super-charged levels!

10. WORKS WITH YOUR BODY. Each special ingredient helps the body to facilitate a robust lash-line and eyebrow area quickly! It's natural ingredients are more effective than chemical-based serums.

11. NO ACCIDENTS. This fool-proof bottle design has no mascara-style wand, which cause severe scratches to eyes!

12. PLAIN LABEL. This is for the sake of male customers, who would prefer non-girly and discreet labels on their toiletries!

*This product is in these 4 DISCOUNTED NATURAL KITS (kits are a generous 25%+ savings):
-Beautiful Eyes Kit Set of 3 Natural Products Discount
-Beautiful Without Makeup Natural Skin Care Kit For Facial Features Enhancement Basic Set of 7
-Deluxe Beautiful Without Makeup Natural Grooming Kit For Facial Features Enhancement Set of 10
-Super Fast Hair Growth System Natural Hair Growth Products Kit Set of 3


1 dram or 4ml. Cobalt blue glass vial. Clear plastic dropper reducer for spill-free application. Black screw-on cap. This product lasts approximately 1 month when used 2x daily.

This natural product's statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Colloidal Silver 40ppm, Certified ORGANIC Polygonum Multiflorum, Certified ORGANIC Aloe Vera, MSM.


DevotedThings VS. Other Brands:
1. HOLISTIC PLANT APPROACH. The powerful ingredients within the bottle are what "steal the show". All care belongs there. These natural herbal products get loyal customers (because they're worthy)!

2. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. This store features 150+ impressive "Before and After" photo sets - NOT from professional models- but from real customers! Surprising visuals and stories that they just have to share- and you must see!

3. PERSONAL. Message for help, and the inventor is personally there for you! All customers have personally-handled shipments and customer support for their order.

4. EXPERIENCED. With 14+ years of designing premium herbal products, now you can experience the best-kept secret in skin, hair, and body rejuvenation!

5. SAFE. Zero animal testing. Non-comedogenic. No toxic chemicals, no soy, no nuts (shells, oils or butters), no beeswax, no colorants, no chemical perfumes, no harmful common beauty product chemicals, and no fillers. Glass bottles are preferred over plastic. Certified Organic ingredients are the norm- rather than the exception- in our ingredient lists. Because it is so rare to find these traits in beauty products, many health-conscious consumers are coming to DevotedThings products!

6. DISCREET. The shipping label has the seller's personal name and address and your address, that's all. All bottles have plain labels. No embarrassing hyper-feminine labels for male customers. Travel-friendly sizing and leak-proof bottle styles!

7. ETHICAL. This is an American small business, with exceptionally-crafted boutique hand made products. We go to great lengths to buy supplies within the USA! Small-batch, potent, finest-ingredients products that you'll be proud to call your favorite brand!

8. HELP OTHERS. Customers can change people's lives- by referring friends, sending their "Before and After" or "Update" photos, or spreading their news online! Customers are our only advertising! Word-of-mouth is far better than advertisements for a listener, too! "A man has joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word!"- Holy Bible, Proverbs 15:23

9. CONVENIENT. A "fool proof" English Directions sheet arrives in your package. Always 100% free USA shipping- even for heavier orders! Express shipping options also available.

10. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. You'll find lots of natural products for your entire body in the DevotedThings store! 20+ Kits available, so pick one for your skin type (10+ for facial skin)! All kits are 25% off- but for a limited time only!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for Coupon Codes, new Before & After pic alerts, and other perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2-4 Newsletter e-mails a month!

General Disclaimer:

Depending on availability, a bottle style may change, but size and contents remain unchanged.

There are testimonials for these products, however, individual results may vary. Because everyone's skin differs, no guarantee is made or implied as to precise results for any of our products. You are responsible for the proper usage of the product. Misuse of chemical peel products can cause injury and burns, so please follow all directions exactly as they are written. By purchasing or using this product you agree that DevotedThings and any other person or entity related to this business assumes no responsibility or liability for misuse of this product, or for any consequences or injuries as a result of using any of our products. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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