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Charcoal Detox Facial Cleanser Blackhead Remover Pore Scrubber Pore Shrinking Mask and Scrub

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Blackhead Removal, Popping, Extraction Face Wash Scrub, Pore Minimizing product

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This super-concentrated cleansing powder has natural detoxing ingredients that work in 2 ways. It sinks deep into the pores, using activated charcoal to detox deep into layers of skin cells, soaking up oils and dirt trapped within the farthest reaches of the pores. It also scrubs the surface layers, dislodging blackheads and exfoliating away dulling dead skin. This transformative detox facial soap, scrub, and mask All-in-1 powder leaves the skin tightened, glowing, and noticeably shrinks large pores. Yes, this can replace your chemical-filled face soap, as a natural "daily facial" detox cleanser!

The results are instantly visible, and the skin significantly improves with daily use! If you get one thing for the health of your skin, get this! You can use it in several ways- depending on your skin's needs, or time constraints:
*SOAP/SCRUB: 1-2 minutes.
You will feel "squeaky" while you're scrubbing with this powder, because it's getting your skin squeaky clean- the natural way! Stiff blackheads also get removed out of the pores, revealing more bump-free, smooth and soft skin afterwards.
*MASK: 5 minutes.
This finely ground powder, when mixed with water- leaves a residue film that detoxes deeply into pores on a cellular level. It assists in acne inflammation to relieve redness and size, the oils from soft blackheads become extracted, large pores get minimized, and even wrinkles tighten!

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1. NO SOAP. This product deep-cleans the skin without using soap, and even surpasses soap! How? It detoxes the skin and removes blackheads! Does your soap remove blackheads? Throw your face soap away in exchange for a powerful face cleansing alternative that's more natural!
2. ALL-IN-1 HOLISTIC. Simplify your routine, toiletries budget, facial care items, and time spent worrying over your complexion with this detox face soap! This serves your skin in more ways than you realize in just a matter of minutes- then you're beautiful, and done!
3. LARGE PORE HERBS. Unlike other detoxing products, this product uses herbs (tried and tested by me) to shrink the largest of pores. I tried many clay masks in the past, but my pores wouldn't remain small, and after 24 hours I would be large-pored again. The herbs inside this product are ideal for those with chronically large pores (even genetically), and it not only helps shrink them, it keeps them that smaller size! Entire features- like my nose and cheeks- tightened and lost puffiness using this scrub over several weeks, personally!
4. ALL-NATURAL. Unlike other products, my detox face wash has no chemical or artificial colors, perfumes, fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, oils, texturizers, emulsifiers, or toxic ingredients. This is a vegan pore mask. The objective of every product I've made (for myself, my family, and now for sale), is to keep everything as natural as possible. Of all my natural choices, I only choose the fastest-working ingredients I've personally found for that issue! Many ingredients that other products have are included just because of the ingredient's reputation, but most are ingredients that have actually failed my meticulous personal testings on my own skin! You're buying from someone who's been there, done that, figured out which ones work- and even what works the fastest!
5. FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. This is specifically formulated for sensitive skin (like mine). Many people with sensitive skin have difficulty finding facial cleansers, particularly because the detergents are so irritating. With my product, sensitive skin types can have a cleanser gentle enough to not irritate their skin, but potent enough to actually improve their skin's glow, tighten their pores, and smooth the skin's texture. I even found that this calmed and smoothed out an active rash on my face, much to my surprise! So, you can use it to relieve and detox face rash symptoms as a mask, also.
6. USE TWICE DAILY. Unlike other detox facial treatments, this can detox your face twice daily. Because of this twice daily use, you'll see dramatic results fast, and it helps acne sufferers keep the skin purified. Unlike other masks, the beautiful results will last (becoming more pronounced with each use)! This product helps you maintain, uphold, and build upon the results that premium facial masks give!
7. FINE POWDER SCRUB. Unlike other facial scrubs, the particles in my scrub are a fine powder, small, and don't have sharp edges. Some scrubs use nut shells, or sand- which have sharp edges or are too large to scrub the face safely without creating mini-scratches (which creates irritation, or a red appearance). Because my scrub's particles are small, the treatment time doesn't have to be cut short. You can do a more thorough pore-scrubbing cleanse, and allow the fine particles to work into your pores. This gentle powder can be used daily, unlike harsher scrubs which can only beautify your skin once a week (and have to be added to your routine).
8. BALANCES PH. This product is especially helpful as a cleanser for oily or combination skin types that easily break-out or get mid-day oily skin. Soap-based cleansers, and even some toners- aggravate cystic acne because they throw off the skin's PH levels, causing an over-production of oil from the pores. This product helps balance uneven skin PH levels, and keeps them there. It assists in calming outbreaks and minimizing the skin's production of oil. This detox facial cleanser doesn't ever give your skin a "freak out" moment like soap-based cleansers will, and it's natural ingredients nourish the skin to a noticeable glow! And of course, this is a non-comedogenic cleanser!
9. FOR WRINKLES. The exfoliating action of this detox facial scrub, combined with the constricting action of unique herbs and minerals- creates an amazing anti wrinkle mask for the face! I and my family have been amazed at the younger looking, tighter, even-toned, and smooth softening coming from using this beautifying face mask and scrub! Got wrinkles? You gotta try this!
10. FOR MEN. I gave this to a male family member, who isn't the extra-grooming type, and even he can do it. In the beginning he was a reluctant volunteer, and in the end he was in love with this super-simple-to-use facial cleanser. After just one use, for 2 minutes, the effect on his skin was clearly visible. A man was sold on it! There are no girly smells or perfumes to turn a man off of this product, either. This is a beauty product that actually works, it works fast, and it's an All-in-1, 1-2 minute beauty routine that's ideal for impatient or busy people!

*This product is in these 3 DISCOUNTED NATURAL KITS (kits are a generous 25%+ savings):
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Teens and Oily Skin Set of 3

-Natural Skin Care Kit For Men, Oily Skin, Enlarged Pores, and Acne Basic Set of 5
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Enlarged Pores and Blackheads Pore Refining Complete Set of 6

These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose disease.

1.5 oz/45 ml bottle. Bottle is clear plastic with a gold screw-on cap.

Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Baking Soda, ORGANIC Green Camellia Sinensis Leaves, Black Camellia Sinensis Leaves, Mentha Sativa Leaves, Mentha Viridis Leaves, Mentha Piperita Leaves, Artemisia Dracunculus.

DevotedThings VS. Other Brands:
1. HOLISTIC PLANT APPROACH. The powerful ingredients within the bottle are what "steal the show". All care belongs there. These natural herbal products get loyal customers (because they're worthy)!

2. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. This store features 150+ impressive "Before and After" photo sets - NOT from professional models- but from real customers! Surprising visuals and stories that they just have to share- and you must see!

3. PERSONAL. Message for help, and the inventor is personally there for you! All customers have personally-handled shipments and customer support for their order.

4. EXPERIENCED. With 14+ years of designing premium herbal products, now you can experience the best-kept secret in skin, hair, and body rejuvenation!

5. SAFE. Zero animal testing. Non-comedogenic. No toxic chemicals, no soy, no nuts (shells, oils or butters), no beeswax, no colorants, no chemical perfumes, no harmful common beauty product chemicals, and no fillers. Glass bottles are preferred over plastic. Certified Organic ingredients are the norm- rather than the exception- in our ingredient lists. Because it is so rare to find these traits in beauty products, many health-conscious consumers are coming to DevotedThings products!

6. DISCREET. The shipping label has the seller's personal name and address and your address, that's all. All bottles have plain labels. No embarrassing hyper-feminine labels for male customers. Travel-friendly sizing and leak-proof bottle styles!

7. ETHICAL. This is an American small business, with exceptionally-crafted boutique hand made products. We go to great lengths to buy supplies within the USA! Small-batch, potent, finest-ingredients products that you'll be proud to call your favorite brand!

8. HELP OTHERS. Customers can change people's lives- by referring friends, sending their "Before and After" or "Update" photos, or spreading their news online! Customers are our only advertising! Word-of-mouth is far better than advertisements for a listener, too! "A man has joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word!"- Holy Bible, Proverbs 15:23

9. CONVENIENT. A "fool proof" English Directions sheet arrives in your package. Always 100% free USA shipping- even for heavier orders! Express shipping options also available.

10. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. You'll find lots of natural products for your entire body in the DevotedThings store! 20+ Kits available, so pick one for your skin type (10+ for facial skin)! All kits are 25% off- but for a limited time only!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for Coupon Codes, new Before & After pic alerts, and other perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2-4 Newsletter e-mails a month!

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