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Natural SPF 50 Face Moisturizer Beauty Oil For Skin Lightening, Oily Skin Oil Control


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Face Moisturizer For Oily Skin

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*2 FACE MOISTURIZERS AVAILABLE. Below is the SPF 50 version of this beauty oil, specifically designed for those seeking a strong natural UVA & UVB sunscreen! This page outlines the integral traits of this sunscreen vs. other natural and non-natural sunscreen alternatives. Find important details about the base oil's multi-tasking beauty benefits on the "ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER" product page (this beauty oil's non-SPF version).

Men, Women, Seniors, and Teens. *Not for nursing or pregnant women or children 10 years of age or younger because of the presence of essential oils.

The face and neck. May also be used on hands or other body regions, for working outdoors.

This is a max-concentrate oil moisturizer to help the body rejuvenate, fighting all the signs of aging. It's the most comprehensive All-in-1 beauty oil out there- with natural, and even Organic ingredients! This is a delightful oil formula that sinks into skin 100%, and it's immediate! You will also immediately see it's super-concentrated anti-dark spot agents effect the skin- achieving a new level of even-toned radiant glow for your skin! This helps the skin to gradually repair and remove many types of blemishes- all at once- like: fine or deep wrinkles, loose sagging skin, large pores, blackheads, postules and bumps deep within the skin, red or growing acne, dark acne scar discolorations, acne scar indented pitting, age spots, freckles, sun spots, other skin hyperpigmentations, overall puffy facial skin, small skin tags, gray lips, wrinkled or chapped lips, and wrinkled or spotted neck or hand skin! Every day is a "beauty facial" with this amazing multi-tasking oil! Please visit the non-SPF "ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER" version of this product for amazing features inside this oil, as this page focuses on the SPF agent, which is the best 100% natural alternative on the market. It provides unsurpassed high-level protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and is a non-toxic mineral.

1. NO CARROT SEED OIL. A natural sunscreen out there is carrot oil, or carrot seed oil. But it does have some significant drawbacks. Topical carrot oil is a weaker 35-40 SPF sunscreen, and not a complete UVA and UVB sunscreen- both of which your skin needs to help prevent adverse effects from sun exposure. Carrot oil has a reputation for being too "earthy" smelling, with a distinct dirt-like aroma (because carrots come from underground) that some call "unbearable". It will also turn skin orange (not flattering)! However, when carrots are eaten daily, they help skin cells become resistant to sun damage.

2. NO OXYBENZONE. This is a chemical sunscreen found in 80% of the products out there containing SPF. This chemical is toxic because it penetrates the skin, and gets into the bloodstream to cause allergic reactions, and hormonal disruptions- according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a leading authority in SPF consumer awareness. My product is one of 20% of sunscreens on the market that don't have Oxybenzone!

3. NO AVOBENZONE. For a UVA protectant, almost all sunscreens out there are using Avobenzone. Unfortunately, this chemical breaks down in the presence of sunlight! That defeats the purpose of a UVA protectant, in my opinion. The weak-willed Avobenzone isn't in my product. This product has the will to fight on with it's amazing SPF agent!

4. NO RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL. Another natural sunscreen out there is red raspberry seed oil, which also has some drawbacks. Topical red raspberry seed oil is a somewhat weaker 25-50 SPF sunscreen, and also fails to include both UVA and UVB protection together. Red raspberry seed oil also has a peculiar off-putting rancid aroma, even when it's 100% fresh, that's just how it naturally smells. Though my product has a natural SPF... red raspberry seed oil isn't it.

5. SPF 50. My face moisturizer is an impressive SPF 50 sunscreen product. SPF 50 means that it blocks 98% of UVB rays, and this ingredient, out of all the natural sunscreens, is an unmatched UVA protectant! Did you know that if you go higher than an SPF of 50, that it can be potentially toxic? SPF 50 is the threshold you want to reach, for the maximum benefits, without any potential harm. As with most things in life, too much of a good thing- can turn bad. This has SPF 50.

6. MINERAL VS. CHEMICAL. This sunscreen is a mineral, while most other sunscreens are chemical(s). The only other mineral sunscreen agent is Titanium Dioxide, which we'll get into next. The majority of sunscreens have 3-6 of these chemicals: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate. Because of the size of the molecules, chemicals typically enter the bloodstream when applied to the skin, which can contribute to health changes. In contrast, minerals rest on top of the skin. Because this mineral never sinks into the skin, it reflects UVA rays.

7. NO VITAMIN A. Many sunscreens have Vitamin A (also labeled as "Retinyl Palminate" on the ingredients list). Vitamin A is in carrots and other orange Vitamin A-rich vegetables reputed to have great SPF factors, and could be a great sunscreen derivative, right? Well, federal studies show that "Vitamin A may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight". No Vitamin A in my SPF product! Is Vitamin A/Retinyl Palminate in your current suncreen?

8. NO TITANIUM DIOXIDE. Concern has arisen from studies pointing to the naturally occuring mineral, Titanium Dioxide, as a carcinogen (cell mutation/cancer agent) and photocatalyst. Titanium Dioxide also scores lower in UVA protection.

9. WATERPROOF. You know how- on hot summer days, or when you're exercising- your face starts to sweat, and you wipe it off, only to realize that your sunscreen got wiped off with your sweat? That won't happen with my product, which is oil-based, and impossible to sweat off- unlike water-based creams! This is also safe for the swimming pool, beach, or taking a mid-day shower. Your SPF is not going anywhere!

10. NO STINGING EYES. One of the drawbacks I found with chemical-based sunscreens was painful, bloodshot eyes! I would deliberately try to avoid the eye region, but the fumes from the chemicals still made my eyes tear-up! Maybe it was the sunscreen? Maybe it was the alcohol? I'm not sure, but all chemical-based SPF creams were reliably upsetting my eyes. This product will not make your eyes irritated, even when getting it right up next to your lower-lashline!

*This product is in these 10 DISCOUNTED NATURAL KITS (kits are a generous 25%+ savings):
-Beautiful Without Makeup Natural Skin Care Kit For Facial Features Enhancement Basic Set of 7
-Deluxe Beautiful Without Makeup Natural Grooming Kit For Facial Features Enhancement Set of 10
-Natural Skin Care Kit Anti Aging For Sun Spots, Age Spots, Freckles, and Melasma Lightening Complete Set of 5
-Natural Skin Care Kit Anti Aging For Wrinkles Anti Wrinkle Complete Set of 6
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Acne Scar Spot Lightening and Acne Care Complete Set of 6
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Acne Scar Spot Lightening and Pitted Scars Complete Set of 7
-Natural Skin Care Kit for African American Black Women Skin Lightening and Toning Set of 7
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Enlarged Pores and Blackheads Pore Refining Complete Set of 6
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Men, Oily Skin, Enlarged Pores, and Acne Basic Set of 5
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Teens and Oily Skin Set of 3

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This natural product's statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose disease.
There are testimonials on my products, however, individual results may vary.

0.5 oz./ 15 ml. Bottle is cobalt blue glass, with a clear dropper wand that has a wide lip, and a black plastic and rubber squeeze dropper screw-on cap. One bottle lasts approximately 1 month/30 days when used as directed.

100% Pure Vitis Vinifera Oil, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide (natural SPF), Lactic Acid, 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend (Certified ORGANIC Citrus Limon, Curcuma Longa).


My Service vs. Others:

1. IT'S PERSONAL. My hand-made, highly controlled small-batch, potent-quality, finest-ingredients products come from my house- to yours! I am the inventor. The person selling it- is the person making it- is the person shipping it- is the person in the "BEFORE & AFTER" photographs (or my family)! And if you e-mail for help, I'm personally there for you- every step of the way! Are other products/companies this personal?

2. HELP OTHERS. Customers can come back to THIS "manufacturer" to give their personal thanks, testimonials, feedback, and recommendations! Because I use my products, I see them from a customer's viewpoint, and I value my customers. My customers/product fans can also change people's lives- by personally referring them to these products, posting their "Before and After" photos, blogging, or creating video reviews!

3. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. Must-see "Before and After" photos from me, my family, and happy customers- are a one-of-a-kind endorsement about these beauty products! Finally... tried-and-true beauty products for you!

4. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. Make sure to look at all my various 100% natural hair growth promoting products for different needs! I have many natural "must-have" skin products, too! I'm coming out with new products for the hands, nails, and body! Check my MODELS WANTED tab to find out how to get, and model- tester products for free!

5. ETHICAL. When you buy from me, you're supporting "the little guy" and a family! This is a female-owned small business. I'm an American, and I go to great lengths to buy my supplies within the USA. I buy Organic whenever possible. Zero animal testing. No GMO, soy, artificial anything, or potentially toxic chemicals. On a personal level, I have strong moral standards and convictions. You can trust me from the quality, reliability, and faithful purity standards of my products. 

6. DISCREET SHIPPING: My packages don't explain the contents. The label has my address and your address, that's all.

7. EXPERIENCED. I've spent over a decade tracking down the best version of such-and-such ingredient, and very purposefully omitting others. There are low-quality imitations of these special ingredients out there- bad stuff that you wouldn't even know to avoid! I've found the finest brands and forms of all my super-concentrated ingredients, and I pay top-dollar for Organic ingredients! All my products are non-comedogenic, designed for acne-prone skin, no beeswax, great for people that suffer from nut allergies (no nuts, nut oils, or nut shells), no soy, no perfumes, no chemicals commonly found in beauty products, glass bottles are preferred over plastic ones, and pregnant  women and children are discussed in the "Who It's For" section at the top of each product page!

8. HOLISTIC PLANTS. You know how almost all products out there... have only 1 or 2 "Active Ingredients"? They can take forever to work, or be so diluted with chemicals that they never do work! My products? These specially-chosen herbs help your body to heal itself in all the layers of tissue- holistically! This is why my natural products have such loyal customers! Get completely devoted- to something that's natural, and worthy!

9. GIFT-WRAPPED. I gift-wrap your order! Full instructions (that are detailed and "fool proof") arrive with your package, also, of course!

10. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with this product within 30 days- you have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who "Accept advertising" (at check-out), or sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for FREE products, Coupon Codes, incoming pic alerts, and other special perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2 "must-open" Newsletter e-mails a week!


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