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Treatment for Indented Scars Acne Chicken Pox Pitted Scar Removal Peel With Hyaluronic Acid

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Treatment for Indented Scars

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Men, women, seniors, and teens. 

Almost anywhere on the body! Face, torso, arms, legs, hands, feet, etc. Common types of indented scars this product can be used for:
-Acne Scars (Ice Pick scars, Boxcar Scars, Rolling Scars)
-Chicken Pox Scars
-Cut/Wound Scars
-Piercing Scars
-Needle Shot Scars
-Surgery Scars
-C-Section Birth Scars
-Other indented scars
-Also works great on wrinkles (I have other products specifically designed for wrinkles also available)!

WARNING: Not for mucous membrane areas. Do not start on broken skin or raw healing wounds. Keep away from natural holes on the body.

This is a clear, odor-free liquid designed for daily spot-treatment use on all types of indented scars. This is a peel that penetrates as deep as possible without creating the adverse reactions that other similar high grades of chemical peels would cause! Because of it's formulation, it can be used more often as a safe daily intensive treatment. This is the most 100% holistic and comprehensive approach to skin renovation- in any product available on the market- to remove indented scarring permanently! This gently helps the body to shave off top layers of skin, effectively removing the evidence of scar tissue from the top down. The scar tissue becomes shallower as top layers are completely removed (imagine removing layers of the Grand Canyon from the it's topmost layers), eventually getting down into the base level of the scar- for it's surface eradication. At the same time, it nourishes the deepest mantle layer of the skin with the best-known ingredients (and ones I've tested myself) for fast healing, deep moisturizing, rapid new cell growth, and dramatically increased collagen production. These are added nourishers so that any depleted scar tissue zones inside the skin are rebuilt in a healthy format. This tag-team approach, for the outside and inside of the skin, allows the body to reliably and quickly progress towards a more flawless, permanent resurfacing. This peel is uniquely designed to perform as the gentlest premium deep peel- with no down-time, bleeding, dark scabbing, hot burning sensation, swelling, expensive dermatologist consultations, or other things typically associated with undergoing a deep chemical peel. This is effective for scars 10 days old to over 30 years old! This bottle can spot-treat a 4"x4" area daily, making it great for treating large-span pitted acne scars, or multiple scarred areas.
* I am also coming out with a stretch mark treatment. Although stretch marks are also indented, this formula is not recommended for stretch marks.

1. DAILY USE. The great thing about this is that you don't have a designated day each week to do your peel. This is added into your daily routine right after you wash your face and put on your toner, (then you use it), right before applying your moisturizer. It's like a beautifying daily facial, causing a glow where you apply it! It's also great for bleaching and peeling away any dark spots in that area- as an added fringe benefit! Some of the peels out there require that you use them every 3-4 days only, and that can slow down your rate of progress. It's easy to forget to do those. This product is the most ideal peel for much faster, reliable progress, and a new level of beauty daily!
2. NO HIDING. There's no "down time" with this peel. That means you won't have to turn into a hermit for 7-10 days, taking off work, cancelling meetings, not dating, wearing a scarf across your face when grocery shopping, or other oddball behavior because you're temporarily disfigured! Other peels can be a nightmare. For example, I read that super-intense peels, under doctor's supervision, with sedation, can cause people's chin skin to melt down to their neck, and they lose their whole face down the sides! That's what acid can do! Those poor souls stay out of the public's view for 6 weeks while their face grows back (and the not-so-dramatic results I saw were not worth undergoing those extremes, in my opinion)! When using peels on my family, I learned the properties of them all (TCA, Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic, Hyaluronic, and AHA acids). I've designed a formula that requires no "down time" so that you can carry on with your life AND see amazing results (not traumatizing ones)!
3. NO SCABBING. Almost all the acids out there form crocodile-like darker dead skin layers, which peel off in sections over days. That layer of dead skin often causes zits or rashes because it takes 7+ days to shed off, and your new skin beneath is suffocating! The formulation of this product doesn't create any long-lived darker scab. This product actually cleans out the skin from a high cell-turnover rate- faster than any other peel! It's revolutionary! It helps your skin to naturally exfoliate itself to the very freshest, softest, tightest, and brightest layer- at all times! No more "ugly stage", or having to shed off sheets like a snake!
4. PROFESSIONAL LEVEL ACIDS. If you've never used an acid before, it's best to start with a well-buffered one like mine. It's the most concentrated formulation without causing trauma, and is ideal for sensitive skin types. It "goes the extra mile" in the most beneficial ways that the skin needs... and isn't the "I'm on fire and look horrifying now" way that other peels can deliver! Beware of putting any acid on your face, and shop very carefully... because this seller has been there, and done that (lasers, TCA and other acids, microdermabrasion, creams, natural treatments, and more)! I designed a fool-proof peel that works fast- a blessing for both newbie and advanced users!
5. CHEAP. Did you know that dermatologists and cosmetologists charge $200-500 per session? That's just one peel! At least 5 of those peels are needed before others will start noticing that your skin is looking better! Add on 1-6 weeks of "down time" (with no life outdoors) in between peels! This product gives you a superb peel... with the same, if not better, results you'd get with office visits. At a fraction of the cost. You control it, not someone else. At home, with no driving around in the weather. Your mirror will tell you this is the best acid that you- and your wallet- has ever encountered!
6. DE-ACTIVATION-FREE. Most professional-level concentrated acids require you to deactivate them on your skin after about 1 minute- or they can do some damage. This acid doesn't require deactivation, so you can apply it, and forget about tending to it! No timers! Great for busy, no-nonsense schedules!
7. USE ANYWHERE. The versatility of this acid for almost anywhere on your body- makes it not only a great treatment for your indented scars, but one to keep handy for your family members! It's great for teen girls, who may find scars distressing. There's nothing quite like giving the gift of being scar-free to your family! What better way is there- than to show someone you care about what they worry over?
8. NO SURGERY. Did you know people are undergoing the knife to remove pitted acne scars? If your skin always scars when it's cut, it will probably scar for that surgical procedure, too. That surgical scar can be severe- because of the deeper trauma a knife can bring- way deeper than acne goes! We need to learn that our skin type doesn't like getting cut, and obey that scarring warning sign! This indented scar removal product doesn't cause any additional scarring, or unnatural skin movement, or unnatural pore & texture layout- like acne scar surgical procedures may do.
9. NO INJECTIONS. Did you know that the indented scars left-over from acne are getting "filled in" with injections? It can be done with the patient's own fat from another area of their body. That means another scar resulting from a fat-removal procedure. The "filler" will be measured, per needle injection, to raise the indent up, so the skin looks like a smooth surface. Human error can play a big part in under or over-injecting the pitted skin. And the fat must be replaced around every 6 months, because the body knows the fat doesn't belong there- and carries it away in the bloodstream or distributes it in the surrounding tissues! Get a more natural resurfacing with my product, which your body will recognize, and use- for it's own healing!
10. HYALURONIC ACID. No, it's not going to peel your skin, and anyone who uses it solo, for skin peeling, will be sorely disappointed! There's many reasons why this acid has exploded in popularity with aging generations, and you will discover what it can do within this peel- far beyond what other peels provide!

*This product is in this DISCOUNTED NATURAL KIT (kits are a generous 25%+ savings):
-Natural Skin Care Kit For Acne Scar Spot Lightening and Pitted Scars Complete Set of 7

Prices subject to change with inflation (so stock up now)!
This product's statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose disease.
There are testimonials on my products, however, individual results may vary.

1 dram/ 4 ml. Bottle is cobalt blue glass, with a clear plastic reducer cap, and a black screw-on lid. One bottle lasts approximately 1-3 months, depending on the size of the treated zone, and frequency of application. This is a max-concentrate product, a little goes a long way.

Colloidal Silver 40ppm, Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Certified ORGANIC Aloe Vera Concentrate.



DevotedThings VS. Other Brands:
1. HOLISTIC PLANT APPROACH. The powerful ingredients within the bottle are what "steal the show". All care belongs there. These natural herbal products get loyal customers (because they're worthy)!

2. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. This store features 150+ impressive "Before and After" photo sets - NOT from professional models- but from real customers! Surprising visuals and stories that they just have to share- and you must see!

3. PERSONAL. Message for help, and the inventor is personally there for you! All customers have personally-handled shipments and customer support for their order.

4. EXPERIENCED. With 14+ years of designing premium herbal products, now you can experience the best-kept secret in skin, hair, and body rejuvenation!

5. SAFE. Zero animal testing. Non-comedogenic. No toxic chemicals, no soy, no nuts (shells, oils or butters), no beeswax, no colorants, no chemical perfumes, no harmful common beauty product chemicals, and no fillers. Glass bottles are preferred over plastic. Certified Organic ingredients are the norm- rather than the exception- in our ingredient lists. Because it is so rare to find these traits in beauty products, many health-conscious consumers are coming to DevotedThings products!

6. DISCREET. The shipping label has the seller's personal name and address and your address, that's all. All bottles have plain labels. No embarrassing hyper-feminine labels for male customers. Travel-friendly sizing and leak-proof bottle styles!

7. ETHICAL. This is an American small business, with exceptionally-crafted boutique hand made products. We go to great lengths to buy supplies within the USA! Small-batch, potent, finest-ingredients products that you'll be proud to call your favorite brand!

8. HELP OTHERS. Customers can change people's lives- by referring friends, sending their "Before and After" or "Update" photos, or spreading their news online! Customers are our only advertising! Word-of-mouth is far better than advertisements for a listener, too! "A man has joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word!"- Holy Bible, Proverbs 15:23

9. CONVENIENT. A "fool proof" English Directions sheet arrives in your package. Always 100% free USA shipping- even for heavier orders! Express shipping options also available.

10. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. You'll find lots of natural products for your entire body in the DevotedThings store! 20+ Kits available, so pick one for your skin type (10+ for facial skin)! All kits are 25% off- but for a limited time only!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for Coupon Codes, new Before & After pic alerts, and other perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2-4 Newsletter e-mails a month!

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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