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BEST Eye Stye Treatment and Chalazion Treatment 2 IN 1 Product Oil-Free


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Eye Stye and Chalazion Product

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My name is Leah, and I've hand-made this product. I have experienced both eye styes and chalazions! A chalazion stayed with be stubbornly for 8 months. I tried everything I could find in the store for eye styes, but those products had oil in them and made it grow, or weren't making a noticable difference. I was determined to find a remedy for myself without surgery. After much experimentation, I created my own super-strong, fast-working product that helps the body reduce both eye styes and chalazions!

Men, women, pregnant women, seniors, teens, and children.

This assists the body to relieve 3 eye stye issues:
1. clogged pores from dead skin build-up
2. clogged pores from excessive oil-production trapping bacteria
3. trapped ingrown hairs
It employs acids that help the body in naturally unblocking the problematic pore(s)- by stripping the pores of their oils and bacteria to the healthiest extent possible- without damaging the skin. It can be used in multiple ways to cater to the needs of the individual, and can continue to be used to help cleanse the skin, and promote healthy skin around the eyes.

1. LIQUID. My product is a liquid. It is not a cream, or a gel, or even drops for the eyes. It is applied directly to the skin, where the blocked pore resides. The fact that it is applied directly to the blocked pore's bump makes it more effective than other common eye stye products, which may be eye drops. It is a liquid for the skin, so it sinks into the skin and helps the body repair itself! You will feel it!
2. OIL-FREE. 100% oil free stye product. Many other stye products have oil in them. Your stye's blocked pores don't need extra oil applied to further block the pore, nor can ingredients work efficiently to unclog the pore from an oily product. Applying oil can fuel the infection by attracting bacteria to the surface of the skin. Keeping the eyelids free of oil is very helpful, so this oil-free, and oil-stripping product is ideal!
3. CONCENTRATED. The container is small, and the contents are super-concentrated. One bottle lasts approximately 3-4 weeks when used as directed.
4. NO BURNS. You can apply this product from 1 to 4 times a day. When I had my chalazion, I tried hot tea bags and got burned trying to use it multiple times a day! I even got burned trying a hot potato inside a washcloth- another home remedy! My product is made at a concentration to be super-effective and gentle enough for multiple times a day use, if necessary. Don't waste your time with home remedies that give your delicate eye skin burns.
5. PORE BREATHES. When you apply it full-strength, you will immediately feel a clean, cool sensation.
6. SELLER USES IT. I believe in what I'm selling, and I am proud to give you the only solution that worked for me!
7. 3 BENEFITS. Each ingredient has several supporting benefits: exfoliating the skin, digging out oil from pores, and unblocking ingrown eyelashes! Do other stye products help the skin to stay healthy holistically- like mine does?
8. NO FILLERS. It's too bad manufacturers add cheap "fillers", effectively making their product inferior to what it could be, and the vast majority of products have been corrupted and diluted with "fillers". Some fillers are even mildly toxic (because they're cheaper for the manufacturer to buy). Get the good stuff. That's all the more reason to consider my additive-free, max-potency products- instead!
9. NO POPPING. This product helps your infection be reabsorbed by the body, meaning shrinkage until it's completely gone. Other treatments and chalazion surgery attempt to remove the bump by an external force- opening or popping it. That spreads bacterial infection puss in an uncontrollable way around the eye- at a microscopic level. Anyone who has chalazion eye surgery- requires prescription steroids, antibiotics, and sanitizing topical ointments. After all that, there is scarring, discoloration, and a strong likelihood of reinfection with additional styes- read the sad personal stories! Search online for "Chalazion Surgery Reviews". This product is the simplest, cleanest, and safest solution out there- especially for long-established chalazions. Plus, you remain in control. When you try it, you'll wish you'd found it sooner!

Prices subject to change with inflation (so stock up now)!
This product's statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose disease.
There are testimonials for these products, however, individual results may vary.

5/8 dram, or 2ml bottle. Bottle is brown glass, with a clear "reducer" dropper cap, and a black screw-on lid.

Colloidal Silver 40ppm, ORGANIC Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid.

My Service vs. Others:

1. IT'S PERSONAL. My hand-made, highly controlled small-batch, potent-quality, finest-ingredients products come from my house- to yours! I am the inventor. The person selling it- is the person making it- is the person shipping it- is the person in the "BEFORE & AFTER" photographs (or my family)! And if you e-mail for help, I'm personally there for you- every step of the way! Are other products/companies this personal?

2. HELP OTHERS. Customers can come back to THIS "manufacturer" to give their personal thanks, testimonials, feedback, and recommendations! Because I use my products, I see them from a customer's viewpoint, and I value my customers. My customers/product fans can also change people's lives- by personally referring them to these products, posting their "Before and After" photos, blogging, or creating video reviews!

3. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. Must-see "Before and After" photos from me, my family, and happy customers- are a one-of-a-kind endorsement about these beauty products! Finally... tried-and-true beauty products for you!

4. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. Make sure to look at all my various 100% natural hair growth promoting products for different needs! I have many natural "must-have" skin products, too! I'm coming out with new products for the hands, nails, and body! Check my MODELS WANTED tab to find out how to get, and model- tester products for free!

5. ETHICAL. When you buy from me, you're supporting "the little guy" and a family! This is a female-owned small business. I'm an American, and I go to great lengths to buy my supplies within the USA. I buy Organic whenever possible. Zero animal testing. No GMO, soy, artificial anything, or potentially toxic chemicals. On a personal level, I have strong moral standards and convictions. You can trust me from the quality, reliability, and faithful purity standards of my products. 

6. DISCREET SHIPPING: My packages don't explain the contents. The label has my address and your address, that's all.

7. EXPERIENCED. I've spent over a decade tracking down the best version of such-and-such ingredient, and very purposefully omitting others. There are low-quality imitations of these special ingredients out there- bad stuff that you wouldn't even know to avoid! I've found the finest brands and forms of all my super-concentrated ingredients, and I pay top-dollar for Organic ingredients! All my products are non-comedogenic, designed for acne-prone skin, no beeswax, great for people that suffer from nut allergies (no nuts, nut oils, or nut shells), no soy, no perfumes, no chemicals commonly found in beauty products, glass bottles are preferred over plastic ones, and pregnant  women and children are discussed in the "Who It's For" section at the top of each product page!

8. HOLISTIC PLANTS. You know how almost all products out there... have only 1 or 2 "Active Ingredients"? They can take forever to work, or be so diluted with chemicals that they never do work! My products? These specially-chosen herbs help your body to heal itself in all the layers of tissue- holistically! This is why my natural products have such loyal customers! Get completely devoted- to something that's natural, and worthy!

9. GIFT-WRAPPED. I gift-wrap your order! Full instructions (that are detailed and "fool proof") arrive with your package, also, of course!

10. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with this product within 30 days- you have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who "Accept advertising" (at check-out), or sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for FREE products, Coupon Codes, incoming pic alerts, and other special perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2 "must-open" Newsletter e-mails a week!


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