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3 Day Peel For HPV Warts, Plantar Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, and Keloid Scars Removal Deepest Gentle Acid


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Peel For HPV Warts

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My name is Leah, and I've hand-made this specifically to be the most fastest-working and yet safest product out there- for many skin bump removals:

~HPV Genital Warts
~Plantar Warts
~Other Body Warts
~Mystery Bumps on Face
~Skin Tags
~Raised Keloid Scars
~Cherry Spots
~Random Ingrown Hairs

My own family's 100% authentic "Before & After" photos are coming soon- for keloid scars and warts, too, to show you how beautifully effective and potent this product is! We'll be photographing the peeling "stages", too! I'm a big fan of skin peels for beauty and spot treatments, I've experienced all types of acids on my skin, and I've developed this uniquely formulated raised-spot remover to be the very best on the market! Here's why:

1. SKIN-BLEACHING. This peel actually lightens melanin-pigmented areas, which makes it great for large freckles, dark sun or age spots, moles, and colored raised scars! That's one of the perks about this particular kind of acid- after it removes whatever it was applied to, you'll find the new skin beneath to be lighter in color! Other acids don't have this beautifying attribute!
2. NOT TCA ACID. I had a horrible experience with a TCA acid peel on my delicate facial skin! It irritated my skin so badly that I had a rash that spread and wouldn't leave for 7 months! I swore off TCA acid peels, and found the ideal acids that do the same job- fast, yet gentle! My experience using the TCA peel: After the TCA peel is applied, it will make a hard, thick, dark layer of skin on the surface. This dead skin takes at least 7-10 days to slough off, and if your spot is on your face or a visible area, you don't want a hard, dark, stiff layer of burned skin to affect your appearance! After waiting 7-10 days for the TCA peeled skin to come off (in incomplete sheets), you may find that your new skin still has the imperfection or bump barely affected! Then, you have to go apply it again, wait 7-10 days again, and see if it's gone- again. No waiting game with my product!
3. SUPER-FAST RESULTS. You can apply it every day, up to 4 times a day! Unlike the TCA, Salicylic, or Glycolic peel, your skin doesn't severely darken, a hard crust doesn't prevent you from being able to reapply the acid, and you don't wait 7-10 days for akward shedding! Those are usually a one-time application and then you wait (which is a weak and long treatment, in my opinion). With my product, you can peel daily into deeper layers of skin for a super-fast shedding of your spot! Also, your end shedding stage is contained within 24 hours- not 3-5 days of partial shedding like with other peels! You'll also have a thin scab that sheds within 3-5 days after starting- not 7-10 days after starting like with other peels!
4. NOT SALICYLIC OR GLYCOLIC ACID. Both these acids are similar to TCA acid in that they also form a stubborn layer of dead skin that takes 7-10 days to come off. The Salicylic acid initially makes a bright white spot where it's applied full-strength (that skin just died)! The problem is, the fresh skin beneath the layer of dead skin can get a rash or zits because it cannot breathe under that blanket of dead skin! The fresh skin is being clogged by trapped oil and dead skin stuck on top of the pores, and it suffers! If you're working on a spot with one of the other acids, don't be surprised if you get zits or red bumps on the fresh skin at the edge of your treated spot, or growing on your fresh skin underneath! These 3 types of acid can irritate the skin beneath from the long-term blanket of dead skin, and when your dead skin layer comes off, the skin beneath looks bumpy and inflamed, or rash-like. My product allows the skin to shed off in half the time, and you'll avoid all that irritation that other products would give your delicate new skin!
5. NO ESSENTIAL OILS. Other natural products rely on concentrated, specific essential oils applied "neat" to do the job. For those that are allergic to essential oils and get a rash or hives, or are pregnant women, or are children under 10- a real acid solution like mine is a safer option than essential oils, which can be a health risk for some. In my experience, essential oils actually took longer to remove layers of skin than acid. Very rarely is there an allergic reaction, hives, or rashes to the particular acids in my product!
6. NO BAND-AIDS. Essential oil-based products require the use of band-aids or bandages to keep the treatment from evaporating off the skin immediately (and losing it's effectiveness on bumps). Unfortunately, this method allows the essential oil to also burn the healthy surrounding skin, too, because the oil smears onto the skin around the spot as well. My product doesn't require you to apply bandages daily, which is a plus if your spot is on your face, eyebrow, beard, or a hair zone! There are allergies to the adhesive in band-aids sometimes, so avoid that issue with my product!
7. A SPOT TREATMENT. This is a pinpoint liquid acid spot treatment, and if applied carefully, it will not burn the surrounding skin! This is the gentlest acid around, but it's at the highest concentration available- so you've found the very best for concentrated application! Other products- like essential oils, vanish creams, and vanish lotions- will burn the healthy skin around the spot- because they smear all over! They can't be easily controlled like an acid solution can. With my product- any rawness, burning, pain, bleeding, or scabbing of healthy skin around the spot is minimal- so your skin can be 100% healthy with no extra healing time, scarring, or discoloration of the healthy skin! You don't need any unexpected HEALTHY skin damaging while you're trying to remove your spot! I'd avoid creams, lotions, and oils that can burn the healthy skin, and you'll also avoid unnecessary pain!
8. NO FREEZE-DRYING. Freeze-drying warts is expensive, and potentially dangerous if a mistake is made! This treatment is something that's safe (even with shaky hands), and you can avoid the embarrassment if the doctor's office and nurses invited in to "learn and study" about your skin issue! You can apply this yourself, and nobody else has to apply it for you (hopefully that spot is within your reach)!
9. NO SURGERY. If you have a mole or skin tag, an expensive surgery, embarrassing follow-up visits, or topical medications afterwards may be avoidable! Save money with this useful and practical All-in-1 treatment that you can have handy for many other types of blemishes that arise in the future- on you or your family members!
10. VERSATILE USE. If you have a spot on your face, you can take it more slowly using my product one time a day, so your appearance is not marred with a scab! This product will slough off the top layers of skin daily, in a gentle and no-scab way that other peels won't deliver! Of course, you can go aggressive with this by applying it several times in one sitting, and multiple times each day, also! I love this acid because it works effectively wherever, and however you need- from the smallest to the biggest spots, the most tender to the roughest spots, and it's an amazing all-purpose bump treatment to have in your possession!

*This product is in this DISCOUNTED NATURAL KIT (kits are a generous 25%+ savings):
-Beautiful Chest Kit for Women for Sagging Breasts Freckles Moles Skin Tags Beauty Set of 3

5/8 dram, or 2ml bottle. Bottle is brown glass with a clear "reducer" dropper cap and a screw-on lid.

These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

Lactic Acid 85% (Lactic Acid's highest concentration), USDA Certified ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, with the "Mother").

My Service vs. Others:

1. IT'S PERSONAL. My hand-made, highly controlled small-batch, potent-quality, finest-ingredients products come from my house- to yours! I am the inventor. The person selling it- is the person making it- is the person shipping it- is the person in the "BEFORE & AFTER" photographs (or my family)! And if you e-mail for help, I'm personally there for you- every step of the way! Are other products/companies this personal?

2. HELP OTHERS. Customers can come back to THIS "manufacturer" to give their personal thanks, testimonials, feedback, and recommendations! Because I use my products, I see them from a customer's viewpoint, and I value my customers. My customers/product fans can also change people's lives- by personally referring them to these products, posting their "Before and After" photos, blogging, or creating video reviews!

3. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. Must-see "Before and After" photos from me, my family, and happy customers- are a one-of-a-kind endorsement about these beauty products! Finally... tried-and-true beauty products for you!

4. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. Make sure to look at all my various 100% natural hair growth promoting products for different needs! I have many natural "must-have" skin products, too! I'm coming out with new products for the hands, nails, and body! Check my MODELS WANTED tab to find out how to get, and model- tester products for free!

5. ETHICAL. When you buy from me, you're supporting "the little guy" and a family! This is a female-owned small business. I'm an American, and I go to great lengths to buy my supplies within the USA. I buy Organic whenever possible. Zero animal testing. No GMO, soy, artificial anything, or potentially toxic chemicals. On a personal level, I have strong moral standards and convictions. You can trust me from the quality, reliability, and faithful purity standards of my products. 

6. DISCREET SHIPPING: My packages don't explain the contents. The label has my address and your address, that's all.

7. EXPERIENCED. I've spent over a decade tracking down the best version of such-and-such ingredient, and very purposefully omitting others. There are low-quality imitations of these special ingredients out there- bad stuff that you wouldn't even know to avoid! I've found the finest brands and forms of all my super-concentrated ingredients, and I pay top-dollar for Organic ingredients! All my products are non-comedogenic, designed for acne-prone skin, no beeswax, great for people that suffer from nut allergies (no nuts, nut oils, or nut shells), no soy, no perfumes, no chemicals commonly found in beauty products, glass bottles are preferred over plastic ones, and pregnant  women and children are discussed in the "Who It's For" section at the top of each product page!

8. HOLISTIC PLANTS. You know how almost all products out there... have only 1 or 2 "Active Ingredients"? They can take forever to work, or be so diluted with chemicals that they never do work! My products? These specially-chosen herbs help your body to heal itself in all the layers of tissue- holistically! This is why my natural products have such loyal customers! Get completely devoted- to something that's natural, and worthy!

9. GIFT-WRAPPED. I gift-wrap your order! Full instructions (that are detailed and "fool proof") arrive with your package, also, of course!

10. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with this product within 30 days- you have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who "Accept advertising" (at check-out), or sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for FREE products, Coupon Codes, incoming pic alerts, and other special perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2 "must-open" Newsletter e-mails a week!


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