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Natural Chemical Free Hair Detangler Oil For Straight Wavy Or Fine Hair


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Natural Hair Detangler For Fine Hair

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Men, women, pregnant women, nursing women, children, babies, dogs, or cats. Safe for color-treated dyed hair. Will not tint light-colored hair. Best suited for fine, wavy, or straight hair textures.

1. NO KID SMELL. Other detanglers are aimed at children, which can be a problem for adults! Most women don't want to smell like they're 5 years old! Smelling like a kid can feel silly, and compete with any professional's public image. Ditch kid detanglers for my detangler- designed for grown-up females! This has a pumpkin-spice and vanilla "autumn season" warm aroma!

2. NO DULLING RESIDUE. Many detanglers I tried in the past left a dull residue on my hair. Even though it did the job for detangling, I had to either live with dull-looking hair, or buy an additional product to get some shine on top of it. My product doesn't leave dulling residue (which can lead to tangling later in the day), and it also delivers shine immediately, a shine that stays, because it moisturizes hair deeply inside! Other detanglers don't do that!

3. NO ALCOHOL. Spray-on detanglers are notorious for using alcohol. Why? Because alcohol is a preservative, a cheap filler, and it also keeps their goopy ingredients from weighing down the hair. Did you know that alcohol is one of the major causes for hair breakage, hair weakening, and a rougher hair texture? Let's see... how much of a "leave-in conditioner" is a product that also contains alcohol? It can't moisturize- because of the alcohol. Choose my moisturizing, deep-nourishing, natural alternative that delivers only the finest ingredients into your hair strands! Exactly what hair needs to detangle- and rejuvenate!

4. NO CHEMICALS. Finally trying to grow your natural hair? Going chemical-free helps your hair growth "goals" become attainable! Natural ingredients help your body in more ways than one, and even brittle nails can be moisturized by this oil while you're putting it on! Start or end each day right- by helping your mind, and your body, with natural ingredients that nurture you 100%- with all they've got!

5. NON-COMEDOGENIC. This oil will not clog pores or cause break-outs for acne-prone people. I'm very acne-prone, and all of my beauty products for sale here are specifically designed for people that need non-comedogenic, as-natural-as-possible products designed for sensitive skin. I had a real challenge finding any detangler that wouldn't give me zits, and that was because so many are filled with pore-clogging synthetic "moisturizers" that just coat the hair shafts (and pores), or use inferior cheap oils (and skin always knows the good oils from the bad ones)! Get a detangler that is made with superior, premium-quality ingredients- for the sake of your hair, skin, over-all beauty, time, budgeting simplification, and sanity! (More on the budgeting simplification coming next...)

6. ALL-IN-1 HOLISTIC. This product replaces many products you already have that are filled with chemicals! Simplify your financial budget, products clutter, and time spent grooming! All you have to do is shampoo, and put this in your hair! That's it!
1. Conditioner
2. Leave-in Conditioner Spray
3. Detangler Spray/Lotion
4. Deep-Conditioner Mask weekly
5. Shine Spray/Serum
6. Anti-Frizz Serum
7. Split Ends Repair Treatments
8. Hair Softening Butters/ Hot Oil Treatments
9. Hair Color-Enhancing Products
10. Perfume Sprays/Roll-on Perfume Oils
11. Clarifying Shampoo/Residue-Removing Shampoo
12. Pet Hair Detanglers (with chemicals!)

7. FOR FINE HAIR. If your hair gets weighed down, or greasy-looking easily... then this light-wearing detangler is for you! Using this detangler, you can control fly-aways, static cling, detangle fast without breaking your thin hairs, and protect your delicate ends! This one-of-a-kind, fine-textured oil feels silky on your fingertips, and it sinks into skin quickly! It makes hair feel luxuriously soft, easy to finger-comb, and imparts a vivid, high shine to hair! The shine is not a surface shine, it's a deep, healthy shine- from the inside- that transforms your hair's feel! This glossing effect makes the color of hair more luminous and rich, as well!

8. FOR DAMAGED HAIR. The major reason why people cut off their long hair is... intimidating tangles. As the hair grows longer, tangles increase in size and quantity, and without daily combing, unruly knots can grow exponentially. Even with daily combing, detangling hair can be incredibly daunting! But, you have help from a long-haired woman that has figured out what fixes the most horrific tangles- FAST! Now, you can grow your hair as long as you want, be carefree, and be nurtured while you grow it out! This multi-tasks as an "ends oil" to help hair ends look their best, keep them that way, and minimize the amount of damaged hair cut off during trims, meaning you retain more length! This prevents split-ends from fraying, and makes ends that poof outward become streamlined, silky, and easy to comb through! Look at my healthy, frizz-free, full, thick hair ends using this! Sometime after starting this, when your hairs get pulled, you'll notice that they'll stretch instead of breaking! Strands quickly get that healthy "bounce", and it's so rewarding to see!

9. FOR LONG HAIR. If you have long hair, you need a superior detangler... an all-natural one. The last thing long hair needs is chemicals, which make the hair shafts thinner! This is a silky detangling oil that is so effortless to use! My hair styling is as simple as brushing my matted hair out for 15 minutes, and I'm done (I like to brush it out right after showering). I have that clean, put-together, groomed look without having to do any additional styling or products! When has your hair styling ever been under 15 minutes- with 1 product? I can go days without brushing my hair, and it still detangles in 15 minutes or under! If your hair is shorter than mine, your brush-out can easily be under 15 minutes! Have you ever had it that good? My butt-length virgin hair is sleeker, shinier, and easier to manage than it EVER was when it was shorter- because I have this detangler now! It simply saves you time and hassle, and makes you look fabulous- without even trying!

10. FOR KIDS. Feel good about giving your children a chemical-free detangler! This is a pour-out oil that cannot bother their eyes, unlike many detangling sprays on the market (which contain alcohol and chemicals that bother eyes when accidentally sprayed without shielding eyes). This simple and effective detangling oil can be part of an easier new experience detangling your child's hair! Nourishing natural ingredients protect your child's hair- so that you don't worry as much about breakage, too.

Prices subject to change with inflation (so stock up now)!
This natural product's statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose disease.
There are testimonials for these products, however, individual results may vary.

.5 oz, or 15 ml. Bottle is brown glass, with a wide mouth opening, and a black screw-on cap. Bottle shape may vary slightly, depending on availability. Size and color of the bottle and cap will always remain the same.

100% Pure Oenothera Biennis Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Vanilla Planifolia, Rosa Canina, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Citrus Sinensis, Cichorium Intybus.

My Service vs. Others:

1. IT'S PERSONAL. My hand-made, highly controlled small-batch, potent-quality, finest-ingredients products come from my house- to yours! I am the inventor. The person selling it- is the person making it- is the person shipping it- is the person in the "BEFORE & AFTER" photographs (or my family)! And if you e-mail for help, I'm personally there for you- every step of the way! Are other products/companies this personal?

2. HELP OTHERS. Customers can come back to THIS "manufacturer" to give their personal thanks, testimonials, feedback, and recommendations! Because I use my products, I see them from a customer's viewpoint, and I value my customers. My customers/product fans can also change people's lives- by personally referring them to these products, posting their "Before and After" photos, blogging, or creating video reviews!

3. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. Must-see "Before and After" photos from me, my family, and happy customers- are a one-of-a-kind endorsement about these beauty products! Finally... tried-and-true beauty products for you!

4. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. Make sure to look at all my various 100% natural hair growth promoting products for different needs! I have many natural "must-have" skin products, too! I'm coming out with new products for the hands, nails, and body! Check my MODELS WANTED tab to find out how to get, and model- tester products for free!

5. ETHICAL. When you buy from me, you're supporting "the little guy" and a family! This is a female-owned small business. I'm an American, and I go to great lengths to buy my supplies within the USA. I buy Organic whenever possible. Zero animal testing. No GMO, soy, artificial anything, or potentially toxic chemicals. On a personal level, I have strong moral standards and convictions. You can trust me from the quality, reliability, and faithful purity standards of my products. 

6. DISCREET SHIPPING: My packages don't explain the contents. The label has my address and your address, that's all.

7. EXPERIENCED. I've spent over a decade tracking down the best version of such-and-such ingredient, and very purposefully omitting others. There are low-quality imitations of these special ingredients out there- bad stuff that you wouldn't even know to avoid! I've found the finest brands and forms of all my super-concentrated ingredients, and I pay top-dollar for Organic ingredients! All my products are non-comedogenic, designed for acne-prone skin, no beeswax, great for people that suffer from nut allergies (no nuts, nut oils, or nut shells), no soy, no perfumes, no chemicals commonly found in beauty products, glass bottles are preferred over plastic ones, and pregnant  women and children are discussed in the "Who It's For" section at the top of each product page!

8. HOLISTIC PLANTS. You know how almost all products out there... have only 1 or 2 "Active Ingredients"? They can take forever to work, or be so diluted with chemicals that they never do work! My products? These specially-chosen herbs help your body to heal itself in all the layers of tissue- holistically! This is why my natural products have such loyal customers! Get completely devoted- to something that's natural, and worthy!

9. GIFT-WRAPPED. I gift-wrap your order! Full instructions (that are detailed and "fool proof") arrive with your package, also, of course!

10. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with this product within 30 days- you have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

11. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS. Customers who "Accept advertising" (at check-out), or sign up for my e-mail Newsletter (on "Home" page, lower right)- will receive exclusive offers for FREE products, Coupon Codes, incoming pic alerts, and other special perks by joining my e-mail Newsletter!  I typically send out 2 "must-open" Newsletter e-mails a week!


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